Cyril of Skythopolis

Cyril of Skythopolis
   He and John Moschos (q.v.) are the most important sixth-century writers of hagiography (q.v.). Born in Palestine (q.v.), he pursued the monastic life first as a hermit (q.v.), then in the monastery of St. Euthymios the Great (q.v.) at Jericho, and, finally, from 557 until his death, in the famous Great Lavra of St. Sabas (q.v.). He planned to write a large collection of Palestinian monastic biographies, but did not, probably because he died prematurely. However, several of his biographies survive, including the life (vita) of St. Sabas (qq.v.). The biographies contain a wealth of accurate details, making them a rich source for the social history of the sixth century.

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